move on move on

A little talk on the phone with my first former lover. A chat with an old friend while eating roti john and len chee kang nearby my office. And the joy of walking along the pasar malam and a haircut, with a short relieving massage by the Indian barber.

It gave me insights for me to see what opens up for me.

To seek someone to be in a relationship, should not be a struggle. Our love story is already a scripture by God. Why the desperation? Why the rush? Just continue searching and have faith that bliss will come.

I do know that I am a powerful person. There is so much opportunity in life awaits in front of me, if I go beyond being stuck right now.

What I saw is that I wasn’t accepting. I was resisting. What you resist, persists.
So what if that person didn’t love me?
There is always other doors opened for me.

Now I accept.
Now I forgive you for the mistakes that you never done.
Now I forgive what’s there and embrace it.
Now I forgive myself for me being this way.

I am free. I am liberated. I am still a stand on finding that goodlooking guy, to fall in love as helpless as how I love him too.

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