my view on the recent rally

Police ganged up, kicking, hitting, punching and shoving a participant.

The crowd rushed in, pushing away the metal barricade, as soon as the police force (strangely) removed the barb wire.

Police spraying tear gas to the MIDDLE part of the crowd, causing chaos, but not doing anything much to those who are in front of the crowd, continuing breaking the barrier.

The crowd throwing stones towards a petrol car, causing it to go out of control, swerving and knocking a few people. The car stopped at SOGO mall, and the police guy inside was hit badly til he fainted.

A lot of those who joined are naughty youngsters who know nothing about what is the stand and base of the rally.

It is strange all the things that happened during the BERSIH 3.0 rally.

I don’t agree with a rally that will cause such a huge mess, but I think that it is a fate necessary to happen to open the eyes of the current leader. Corruption, expanding inside the ruling party, has caused so much impact on the people’s trust, and it seem too late for them to correct anything now.

Even with good intent and good agenda, the people will stay skeptic and cynical about it.

Today we are polluted by the noise of anger, hate, frustration and racism.

Hope things will improve.

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