chantique was buried today

It is funny that this is the place that I would type my thoughts, when I feel that other trending social media and messengers are too noisy for me. Although this is gonna be published, it still feels private here.

I have to say thanks to him for answering the call, and accepting to follow me finding a nice spot to bury Chantique today. Chantique was his favorite, always been given attention by him. He cried when Chantique nearly died the first time, but this time he decided to hide his tears.

As for me and him? My heart says wishfully that, no, everything will be alright again in the end. But perhaps I am not the right partner for him.

He has sacrificed a lot, and has devoted himself so much in my life. But I have not fulfilled his requirements.

Am I willing to admit that I am not suitable for a relationship? Can that make me complete? It does feel lonely when there is no one there for you waiting in your life. On the other hand it takes too much to be in a relationship.

What do I feel now?
I feel that I should just be with myself now.

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