In between meditation songs and meditative coloring books

So I have picked up new things to keep myself amused. Or in peace. I have downloaded one solfeggio 528Hz which is claimed to heal the heart and open it up to love.

Yesterday was a Sunday and after that painful argument with him, I stayed at home, replaying the solfeggio over and over. I dozed off, woke up, sometimes sobbing so hard, Milo snuggled next to me. Strange. It seems like cats could detect that you are in this sorrow, unexplainable, especially when you are considered as the bad person and losing part of this fight.

So tonight I got myself a few de stress coloring pages. Truly it challenges you to focus, relax, and ready for a good sleep.

So good night world. I am not ready yet to talk to you. But surely I am ready to sleep.

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