the blonde is an influental bitch

The human’s heart is actually more sensitive than I expected.

Only now I realized that my words, even though they are amended a few times so as to be more subtle to the public eye, but they still offend a lot of people.

Sometimes I went and read back my posts to re-amend it when I heard stories about people around me getting offended and planning to give a blast of revenge towards me [freaky!], but when I look up at my entries, I am just saying it the way it is. I have an even scarier bitchier personal blogsite that no one knows, and if what I write here seem to be controversial to public, maybe that ‘un-published’ blog would give people a big shock.

Anyway. Life’s too short to feel too miserable after reading people’s blog, you know. I am sure that people also bitch about me too, knowing that I am also a human, making mistakes. Let’s just forgive and learn the lesson of the whole story, and move on. And if it’s still unsettled, it would be wise to sit down altogether to end up the dispute like proper human, because we have class. Yeah?

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