the good in them (guess who they are!)

The private teacher; of being joyful and able to control his emotions no matter how hard the situation is. The EQ winner.

The pakar saintis; of being determined on what she would do and pursue, her mind full of knowledge, her brain is like a sponge. The thinker.

The Japanese passionate; of being street smart and able to know all the hip stuff and at the same time excel in her career life whenever she wanted to

The black car driver; who is always close with God, being blessed by Him, and take the family as a priority.

The fashioniesta; who knows seriously and goes into depth on what he likes

The lecturer; who does things in order and scheduled manner and know how to have leisure especially with his gifted vocals

The sweetie pie; who is always sweet and polite even when she bitches, and always give the right and helpful response when you are down.

The humble biochemist; who seem to take life in a moderate way, but actually have a complete excellent life in the end.

The Cleo reader; who ain’t care nothing even though some people like to judge him as the pretty boy!

The overseas graduate; who teases you, slams you, but sweet and helpful at the same time. How magic.

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