chikin porridge

Remember the part of my right jaw where one of the teeth has already been pull out, revealing the gums? I discovered that I did not have just sore gums, but there’s an ulcer at that part of gum. This is odd because normally people get ulcers on the lips, and not at the gums, ouch.

So nowadays for lunch I decided to just go at the food stalls down the street outside the office to get chicken porridge so that I do not have to chew the food. The particular stall sells different kinds of bubur, there are bubur ayam, bubur kacang, bubur durian, bubur cha-cha, and they come in different colors. Meriah sekali.

Being the unique food for lunch, the guys here gathered at my place to see the bubur. And they asked several questions too, trying to be funny.

Wah looks so nice where did you get this?

Downstairs only nearby the MAS building.

Do they have pizza porridge?

Oh, don’t have, but you can make it yourself. Just pop one pizza in the blender and blend until it gets mushy, voila you’ve got your pizza porridge already.

My. I so miss catfish with rice already. I can’t even it fruits with assam boi because that’s even torturing to eat now.

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