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Actually my life is transforming into a mere routine that I do not have anything to talk about. Like, when people are asking you, “What’s up?” and you reply, “Everything’s as usual, nothing is in the up and up.” And worse when people ask me what I usually do on weekends, because I always can’t remember what I do on weekends. It’s not really the same thing that I would do on weekends.

Sometimes I will sleep until mid day and wake up and sweep the whole house, and do my laundry. Sometimes I go and watch Everybody Loves Raymond at my friend’s house, which is the official DVD to watch now [since he has the whole collection of it]. Sometimes I wake up late and go and swim in the hot sun. Sometimes I will have an unexpected blind date. Or sometimes Miss Koh will drag me to the school band that he is teaching now. So weekends are like a box of chocolates. You will never know what you will get.

My friend suggested to me, pick up a word randomly from a dictionary and blog about it. I do not have a dictionary here, so I picked up one word from the BP X-fleet bonus card’s brochure, and voila, the word that I picked is: “CARD”.

Now, what are the interesting facts about cards.

Inside my stinky wallet, [sambil mencium wallet, hmph! Busuk!], I have my identity card, a Jusco card with Siti on it, a Maybank card, a BCB card, a MPO blazer card [ I don’t get it, how come I couldn’t find it when I returned the blazer and got back my bag from the counter ], my scratchy old metric card, and a Thai hotel brochure card [huh? Casey must have forced me to keep it].

I remembered when I was young, kids my age will exchange each other raya cards. In it they will write a pantun:

Pecah kaca
Pecah gelas
Sudah baca
Harap balas

Pecah kaca
Pecah tong
Sudah baca
Harap gantung

Once I expected my friend to reply my greeting card, and he recycled the card I sent to him by erasing what I wrote and re-send it back to me. How efficient and paper saving.

Last not least, I have a jacket and not a CARDigan…

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