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People have very different reviews on this new album. I wanted to post my own perception of this new album, and since I need something to do to kill my time here in this office, so here it is, my review of Siti Nurhaliza’s Transkripsi.

:::: siti situ sana sini ::::
I was really brightened up when I first listened to this track. As an album opener, this track has a bit of hip hop influence and to me it’s a successful catchy song. I often listen to this first when I about to go on the road.

::::biarlah rahsia::::
This track was never been ripped into my mp3 player, until recently. Since the first time this song was sung live, I was disappointed. This piece made me skeptic on whether it’s worth to get the whole new album. But last week I started to re-analyze the track, using good ear plugs or sound system, this piece that I supposedly regard as a typical Malay actually is not bad too. The melody line is predictable, but it’s not bad. And the lyric is good. The singer has finally succeed in writing strong lyrics.

::::destinasi cinta::::

This track, as what my friend said, reminds us of Celine Dion’s track: I’m Alive. Lively and appropriate with the lead electric guitar, this song amazed me because it is written by the creator of Awan Yang Terpilu, and these two songs sound so different and yet both are good.

::::cuba untuk mengerti::::
This piece, I could say, as a half-nice half-typical song. Sometimes it sounded typical the moment the backup vocals started to emerge, all of a sudden. But I really like when the singer uses her high pitch soothingly for the chorus. Like they said in the MTV Awards, she’s a songbird. I liked the soft sound of percussion, if I’m not wrong they are tablas, alongside with the sound of the piano.

::::hidup penuh bicara::::
Most people say that this is a typical Berkobar-kobar genre of Yassin. I uniquely disagree with that. This is a good fusion of modern saxophone adlib and ethnic Arabic rhythm. I could imagine this song being played during an international fashion cat walk in India. Or play it when you drive in a sleek blue silver Honda Civic. It just.. clicks! And the nice part is when the singer playfully sung the jazzy part in at 2:20 of the song.

::::bila harus memilih::::
This song is a clear mould of Glenn’s piece. Anyway, since Glenn’s compositions are nice, of course this piece is also a good one. Sung in a relaxing and melancholic way, the singer also seem to try her best in singing it the Glenn way.

This is clearly a Melly song. It’s listen-able. I do not know how to comment this piece though.

::::hati berbisik::::
When I listened to this song, created by the singer herself, it reminded us of Mariah Carey’s I still believe. If only the arrangement is done in a rich orchestral way, it would sound better. Too much of plain guitar, piano, string and synthetic bass.

::::rupanya kita serupa::::
This is a very good attempt of trying to sing the soothing bossanova jazzy way. But I am still disappointed because the instruments included are just plain. The writer should put snare brush, shaker, and real double bass to add the effect. And the song goes monotonous until the end. It would be better if there is a change for climax, by drasticly change the color of the melody, adding a syncopated line of trumpet and trombones and quicken the tempo. Imagine something like the “tropical” version of No Mes Ames by J-Lo and Marc Anthony, plus Reminiscence by Kangta.

::::tanpa dendam di hati::::
This piece is quite simple and mysteriously modern-ish. I like the way this song builds up to the chorus. The backup strings remind me of Josh Groban songs, even though not as rich and thick. And the climax is of satisfactory, when the singer reaches her high note. The strength goes sustained and softens at the end.

::::intrig cinta::::
Melody line created by the singer again, this song impressed me with its simple yet cleverly arranged structure. It goes on with an Indian-like string solo, followed by the synthetic trumpet entrance, adding the punch while the singer heightens her singing. But the arranger could add the strength of this song by using a real brass ensemble, including trumpets and trombones, and strong backup singers. The singer herself can give more strength at the half end of the song.

::::impiankan nyata::::
They say that this piece is a boring cut and paste of several previous Malay songs. I still like this song though, even though the chorus is a bit disappointing. The intro however, was done nicely.

This song is close to eighth track but better. I really liked the singer’s vocal strength which reminds me of her old songs like Kau Kekasihku, but this time the arrangement is a lot better. This song reminds me of Mariah Carey’s My All.

I give two thumbs up for Siti Nurhaliza. I don’t really know how to rate this album. There is a lot of space of improvement, and this is a good thing, meaning that these experimental songs actually have already lead to clues for new ideas. However, all the songs are nice, so like they say, overall, this is a successful album, worth waiting for.

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