this is malaysia

I have been continuously forwarded by controversial emails about religion.
To me, as a Muslim, of course it is sad to see some Malays leaving Islam and choose other faith, but it's their right, it’s their decision. They were being told what God has said about what’s in store for them in the after life, so why do we have to act like we are God and restrict their rights? I think it would be more appropriate to have a close discussion on revealing to the root cause of the conversion, rather than to play God. Even it was written in history that a non Muslim will be confirmed to enter the gates of Heaven after he gave the water from the well to the thirsty dog.

The petition of going against “the suggested law of allowing Malays to openly declare that they are not Muslim” had already been passed to my hands. I was forced to put down my signature so as to avoid offending the people around me.

In this multicolored country, the issue of racial rights has been a hush-hush and once a while some people will complain about it. And when I mixed around with the other races which I always do, and I also read through the newspapers, I could see unfairness and corruption is everywhere. And the failure of certain major firms in the country is making it obvious too. I hope that there will be a turnaround somehow in these company’s strategies, and also it would be wise to restrict the expenditure of the assets. If not, impulsive purchase like “a few million ringgit worth of painting to maintain the reputation of the company” will always happen.

I could see the government especially the prime minister is having a tough time juggling with all these problems which seem to show their ugly faces from all corners. But I could comprehend, if I were the ruler of the country, even though I would be tempted to give fair share to all races, I should think about the impact of my actions. Malay Ultras will always exist, and it just happen to be that this is Malaysia. All sensitive issues should not be broadcasted and there is a unique algorithm to follow so as not to disrupt the balance and harmony of the country. Educated citizens, regardless from any races, have already understood this and I suppose there are unsatisfying things that should be left the way it is, to keep the order of the country.

As for me, I would try my very best to avoid any privileges that I should not deserve. [I admit that I am not a good example of a Muslim and neither am I a Malay with high visions though.] There is one saying which is meaningful to me, passed by my friend, quoted from her grandfather:

“The most important thing is not totally about where you are now, but the path that you chose to get there. Because those who cheat and took the easiest path will have to pay the price once he reached the destination”.

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