the thing that made me could not sleep

I badly need my sleep but I am restless now. I have said something seems to me as a small matter but it has already taken seriously by the offended.

I joked something about dancing (you know, the dance-at-the disco type of dance) to two different girls at two different dates. What I thought as an innocent joke has actually been interpreted as something very crude, and I have actually insulted these two sweet and happening cool girls.

Maybe it is seen as not respecting the whole womankind, or as under-estimating them, or as making fun of them, or such, but the point is, guys out there: if you want to be gentlemen and not offending the girls;


Girls + Dance + Jokes = A very big insult to the feminine race.

No matter how harmless it sounded to you, but actually you are a jerk if you do not follow this thing, like me.

Twice happened, and I have already now learnt the lesson.

One girl actually wrote a blog about it, and the other one acted very weird soon after that. Girls, I am really sorry for being a total jerk. It supposed not to mean anything bad, just a cute usikan from me, but sadly it was not cute, in fact it’s a horrid rude insult because it meant differently to you.

Do accept my apology.

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