mi casa, mi passionita

Sila sentap melihat gambar rumah yang indah di atas [that refers to me too]
Yeah, let's say it altogether, "Mak sentap...!! Mak sentap..!!"

The picture above is the house which entered Remaja magazine for the decoration section in March 2006, a month before my house did.

Anyway. How did I get so engrossed in interior decorating? It all started when I saw my brother’s plain red but comfortable piece of comforter that mom bought for him, instead of a blanket. Because a comforter can be used as a substitute for mattress if there’s need for that.

So, I wanted a comforter on my own. We went to Carrefour, and there I discovered a lot of comforter sets, in various designs. My first was a cheap one, and the color was ugly green and yellow.

From there I window shopped at Sungei Wang and made a discovery: you can actually buy quilt covers and use them to change how your comforter look like, instead of buying new comforters!

So my first quilt cover was a Martex from USA, white with red and black triangular patterns.

From there I progress to match the whole room [when I stayed in the dorm] and the craze spread from fetish on quilt covers to the appearance of the whole room, to the theme of the whole hall. It was infectious.

I started with English theme with a lot of flowers and floral patterns and pastel colors. And then I decided that it's too makcik-makcik so I switched to Asean-Indo-Chinese fused with modern-and-sleek theme.

And one fine day my house entered the magazine in April 2006, [although it is not as cosy and classy as the picture above], and that’s a sweet 25th birthday gift for me.

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