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The mosque was attended by a lot of VIPs, including royalties and wives of ministers, to witness the akad nikah of Datin Siti Nurhaliza Taruddin with her husband, Dato Khalid Jiwa.

Thanks to my friend who informed me, I got the chance to watch the re-run of the telecast last evening, on TV3.

After the official verbal akad nikah was done, the exchanging of rings happened. Siti got a Bvlgari ring and it was sparklingly huge. And after she kissed the husband’s hand, she got a kiss on her forehead.

That was when my emotions started to well up inside me, and I finally sobbed as Siti was in tears, hugging her father, her brother and those who are close to her. Yeah, I know, it’s silly.

After all these years knowing her and favoring for her, now I realized that I do care for her.

All good wishes for her new phase in life.

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