my extremely short drama

I was really in bad psychology. Really need to leave the office and get something.

I went to the news stand. And had to pick.

One can of Milo. Drank it, finished it, chucked it in the bin.

Not enough. Had to make another pick again.

Sampoerna Green.

Blackforest Cadbury.




I grabbed the Cadbury.

Passed another smaller news stand and I was tempted again.

Luckily that news stand do not sell Sampoerna. If not, I am official again.

Stupid DBKL.

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ainiey said...

i understand how u felt. sabar~ jgn cenggitu. lek2 kontrol jiwa kay. nxt time if u hv somethg bothering ur mind, u pick choclate out of everythg ok. choc = happy.