only because of a piece of card

My day started with a trip to the Kek Seng Motor Work Shop. I had to pay forty bucks for the headlight. To those who goes to Kek Seng, it will be moving to Bangsar. The whole row of shophouses will be demolished to give way to new development. “Macam Bukit Bintang,” the auntie said.

Next finally I decided to do my MyCard at Maju Junction. I saw the pavements at Maju Junction were full of parking bikes, so I joined and parked mine too.

Like usual, it took me hours until lunch hour to get my details registered, and my photo being taken.

I finally went out from the building and going to rush to the office.

I went to look for my bike, amongst the few bikes left there.

I looked and looked. My bike was not there.

Another guy was wandering aimlessly and I think that his bike is missing too.

Then a group of three or four were talking about it.

The city council DBKL confiscated all the bikes which parked illegally; and we should be walking by then towards the DBKL building.

So with my heavy bag, I walked to the building, in the hot afternoon.

It was embarrassing but thank goodness the officer that I approached was friendly. He said all bikes are sent to the DBKL center nearby Tawakal.

I had to do the adventure that I do not need. I took an LRT towards Titiwangsa. The DBKL center was just nearby.

More adventure. The friendly officer there [good thing they are all friendly] informed to me that the bikes confiscated in today’s operation were sent to Jinjang.


I do not know which one is a suck of your life; to pay a fine of 300 for an illegal parked car or to travel the whole Kuala Lumpur (just by walking and by the public transport) to figure out how to get back your bike (and at the end you still don’t get your bike). And you discovered that it is actually in Jinjang. At the same time you are still having the fear of wondering whether really your missing bike was taken by the authorities; or in the worst case, stolen by someone else. God forbid. I am like amputated now.

I had no choice but to get on the LRT and go down at Hang Tuah. And it took me like forever to walk pass Bukit Bintang Plaza and finally arrive at my office.
I was hot and stinky. I took a bath in the office wash room and used my swimming towel.

I am still worrying about my missing bike, but what’s the use? I can only do something tomorrow.

I was already doing fine without a bloody new MyCard, and when I decided to renew my IC, this happened.

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