a series of events to light up the mandom week

Today when I wore my black pants in the morning, I saw that the side stitches were falling apart. If this matter is being ignored, I will ended up wearing a pants with a long slit on my right leg, and I could pretend like I am Velvet, performing for her second song in the final Academy Fantasia concert.

Yes, [if my housemate reads this], I borrowed your set of needle and thread and tried to sew the opening gap but it was not secure. Because the thick pocket stitches are in the way, blocking my attempt to sew the side gap together.

So I went to work, and the stitches fell apart again, revealing a few centimeters of my sexy skin yang putih gebu itu.

There was an argument in the office, when the senior staff requested that she wanted the laptop [which was given to one internship worker like me]. There was a chaos since the internship girl voiced out that it's a hassle[because she will have to transfer a lot of programming files from that laptop to another laptop]. The manager [who bellowed at me before because of the printer] scolded the girl and told her something like, “As a younger staff, you should just follow orders and shut your mouth”.

I should hereby pronounce this event as the “laptop crisis event”.

Anyway. Being still very uncomfortable with my sexy pants, I went away from the office [an hour earlier than actual lunch hour] and rushed to Sungei Wang. Using my last money, I bought the cheapest pants there at Parkson; a pair of black khakis, Snails, at forty bucks. Since it’s “comfort” khakis, the middle part of the pants is longer, making the pants look a bit baggier, making my cute buns look like as if they are saggy butts. And because it’s khakis [thicker than the normal office pants], it felt as if I am back in school, wearing a brand new green uniform pants. It just feels weird.

And then since I was in no mood for the day, I did not have my hair done properly. Being still uncomfortable, I decided for a hair cut. So now my hair is as short as it always had been when I am in campus.

Oh, here’s a small advertisement.

I bought Lucidol hair mask, purple color container, for short hair. The texture has just enough strength to shape up your hair, and at the same time, very soft for easy shaping and easy hair wash. Yeah, actually it’s for girls, but why bother if it’s good. And it’s cheaper than the Brylcreem which irritates my hair scalp.

Back to the story. Rushing and out of money, I went to Mc Donald’s and bought myself just one Mc Egg. There was this old lady in front of me in the line[ which reminds me of the irritating-you-should-just-stab-her-dead old auntie who is in charge of the faculty computer lab ]. She was so goodie-goodie, much to the cashier’s annoyance, when she took a very, very, very, very long time arranging her strategy of what ensemble of food should she buy. No, she don't care about the fixed meal sets; she created her own set instead. I just smiled because although I had to wait, but it’s funny. Hik.

While waiting, I had fun observing the people around me. There was one Malay-look Chinese, err.. not my type, and there was one cool stylo Chinese-look Malay. And there were African girls with their hair so hard, when they tie it into a pony tail, it did not look like a pony tail, it looked like a bunch of wire, at 90 degrees, pointing directly to your face.

After that, since the Mc Egg is very cheap, I went to the supermarket and bought myself a packet of fresh milk to complete my lunch. There was this Malay lady in front of me, with the weirdest set of attire color; maroon for the scarf, red t shirt, and bright orange hand bag with floral prints. Yeah I know I am carried away, it’s her business.

That’s it for now, daaa…

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