what i say about the wedding controversy

A lot of different and contradicting stories been passed. Some said that the singer is the home wrecker, and they claimed that she had done a lot of terrible things. Some said that it’s the ex wife’s fault and she was given a second chance but did not know how to appreciate it.

With all these stories, added with fabrications to make it saucier, I can’t help being offended. Is it really true that the singer is the home-wrecker, or actually the ex-wife who happened to be of royal blood, spoilt and stubborn? After all the man used to be a nobody so she could easily pin-point him as an ungrateful rat or something like that. She can easily put her status as isteri derhaka when she did not even aware of it.

Anyway. We don’t know the real story unless we are sleeping a threesome with the divorced couple, right. I feel offended and amused at the same time when people around me get really emotional and act as if they were the children of the family, witnessing the whole situation with their own eyes. So silly.

Way to go to the future wedding couple. This is what they have to say at the press. And I do pray for their happiness and content. After all I am her fan…

PETALING JAYA: Pop diva Siti Nurhaliza said she is no home-wrecker and did not steal another woman’s husband.

Siti said it was “quite hurtful” to hear what people were saying about her breaking up the marriage of her soon-to-be husband Datuk Khalid Mohamad Jiwa, 47, and his ex-wife Tengku Zawyah Tengku Izham, 43.

She said she only got to know Khalid after her Royal Albert Hall concert in London in April last year, adding theirs was initially a business relationship.

“I have done no wrong and it is better to keep silent and be patient,” said Siti, who together with Khalid met the press at a tea reception here yesterday.

“The people who would know the real situation are the Jawi (Federal Territory Religious Council) officials.”

On the topic, Khalid said: “This is the question I have been waiting for. In all sincerity and as a Muslim, I’d like to say that my relationship with Siti started after the divorce.

“Siti had in no way any connection with the divorce. If you check with Jawi, which carried out their investigations, you will know that this is true.”

He said he had divorced Tengku Zawyah in 1998 due to certain problems but they remarried within three months for the sake of their children and because “I wanted to give it another chance.”

“However, I divorced her later because there were transgressions against the agreement of the marriage, though I must admit I have to take some of the blame too,” said Khalid.

It was reported that Khalid performed the takliq (oral declaration of divorce) in February 2004 and the court granted the divorce on March 12 last year.

Khalid also said his courtship with Siti was “a difficult one” as she was a public figure and they could not go dating or hold hands, for instance.

“Besides, I have failed once in my marriage and I wanted to make sure I don’t fail this time,” he said.

Khalid said he first fell in love with Siti after he visited her at her Kuala Lipis home and she was dressed simply in a batik sarong and T-shirt.

“For me, it was amazing that a celebrity could be so unpretentious,” he said, adding that when he saw her walking up the stairs, he had strong feelings for her, prompting a reporter to remark:

“When you saw her thighs ...” leaving the room in laughter.

Siti recalled receiving a call from Khalid while he was on a flight one day and thinking “Could it be that he has feelings for me?”

On the cost of their wedding which one tabloid speculated could be more than RM12mil, Khalid said the figure was grossly exaggerated, and that as far as he knew, it had not even reached RM1mil.

“Many of the items are gifts or sponsored, like the clothes and accessories.”

Khalid said that hopefully, his third son, Mohd Ashraf, 14, would attend the wedding.

“My sons have no objections at all to my marrying Siti. They want to attend but they also want to be with their mother. I am proud of that as I have raised them to think of their parents and they want to be with their mother at this time,” said Khalid.

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