when i bought a packet of milk

I was supposed to go to my friend’s house last night. But when I reached home, I took a shower and after that my bedroom looked so tempting as usual. I dozed off while waiting for my washing machine finishing its job.

Due to sufficient sleep, I woke up really early this morning. I went out of the house when the morning sky is still dark and my friend’s bedroom light is still on, seen from my apartment corridor. [He always leaves to work earlier than me].

I dropped by the petrol station and bought myself a packet of strawberry milk. Which reminded me of my primary school days, when my mom always give me a packet of milk for me to drink.

I did not drink the milk during school hours, but when I rode the bus home.

After school, I could choose between two trips of the same bus. The first trip would have a longer route, sending pupils to residences far away from my house before reaching my place. The bus would then return to the school for the second trip, sending children only inside my residence.

This two trip system is convenient to me. I could have come out late if the teacher extended her class for a few minutes, and still can aboard the bus on the second trip. Or I could feel like taking the first trip just to have a longer fun “sightseeing” in the bus, viewing at other residences as it passes them. During this time, while looking at the opened window, with the wind blowing at my face, I would drink my un-chilled strawberry milk.

If it’s not strawberry flavored, mom would give me the chocolate or un-flavored fresh milk. Ranged from the worst to the bearable: Fresh milk, strawberry flavored, to chocolate. Fresh milk is really not nice at all to be drank after school if it’s not chilled, on a long journey on the bus. You will get motion sickness after that. Gag.

So if “fresh milk” is the milk of the day, I would prefer waiting for the second trip, and drink the milk BEFORE the bus arrive.

Sometimes two bus trips can’t help when I got carried away playing with my friends outside the school gates. In this case, when the bus left me for good, I had no choice but to walk the one mile [and a half] journey home. I remembered doing this with my group of friends, and it was fun indeed.

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