freaky morning

The small gap between the rear of the TV and the wall is the dustiest. I wondered for a minute how come the dust accumulated there, already in big chunks; you can even pick them with your own fingers, like picking Twisties snack from the pack. I tidy up the whole house once every weekend, how come I can miss the spot?

So that morning, with my shorts and teeth still un-brushed, I reached that gap with the old broom. And the dead creature suddenly bounced out from under the TV rack. Now I knew why I just ignored that spot.

But I was determined to continue my work. I can’t simply sweep back the dust into the gap again, right?

So with all my might and my eyes trying to ignore and not focusing on the hideous black thing, I continued. It’s as if I could feel the scary structure whenever I swept it towards the front door. I squealed a few times when the carcass spin each time I gave it a blow; I was like a hockey player, aiming the ball towards the goal as quick as I can.

Dead or alive, just wings or legs or even the tentacles; I hate cockroaches.

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lyana said...'re baaackkkk!!

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