sawadikap entering selamat datang


I went out of the office early since we are allowed to go by 4.30 during the fasting month. I headed to the pool to do my butterfly strokes again.

This time I had more time to spend at the pool.

I went back home at six and after I entered the apartment, I carried Hoshi along to go to the stalls downstairs at the opposite side of the road to get some food.

Everyone was definitely looking at Hoshi, either in horror or in amazement.

“He doesn’t disturb people, right?” asked an old seller lady at a stall.

It wasn’t really about the attention that I wanted (was it?) but I do think Hoshi needed some fresh air so I brought it along.

After eating at dawn, my body started to respond to the extra swimming that I did during the day. I started to feel sore at almost all parts of my body. I decided to rest and I fell asleep.

That night a friend asked me and my housemate (or can you call that ‘housmie’ because they call people ‘roomie’ for housemates?) to follow him for supper. It happened that his new Thai friend had just arrived in Kuala Lumpur.

This new Thai friend is really a cool guy. He can speak English. And he is quite a confident person. No wonder, he frequents Singapore before this.

And oh his shirt is so nice. You can get that type from Key Ng at a hundred bucks, but they sell those un-branded ones at twenty five in Bangkok.

But that night, on a Thursday night, we were dragged to go to the club. Imagine that, and the club was almost empty. It was sad. And I was wearing sandals! Good thing that I wore sandals so that I won’t hit the dance floor. If I danced surely I would be too tired to even get up to work.

Because of the late outing yesterday’ night, I was too tired to move from my bed for early sahur breakfast. Hm.

That’s all, nothing much from this posting, just a report of what I did yesterday. Hik.

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