something about ports

When it’s already late, and I am about to shut my eye while rolling on my bed, I would always face the same problem again. Especially when there’s nobody else at home, and at night it would be a scary house rather than a comfortable cozy place.

I would always shut my bedroom door when there’s nobody around, so my room would feel more secure and safe, and monsters won’t peep in from the hall. My apartment’s balcony faces the open air, towards the golf course down below, and at ungodly hours the whole scenery is dark and eerie, and the you-don’t-know-whats would probably lurking there to scare people big time.

So, normally I would lie on my bed for a while before I really go to sleep. But I still need to turn off the lamps that lit up my bedroom. I have three lamps; one on the white drawer, one on my computer CPU, and another by the bed.

It would really be a hassle for me to jump at three points to turn them off before going back to bed. And who knows when I turn the last light off, there would be a sea monster already lying on my bed in the dark. Spooky.

Thankfully my former housemate left me one multi port socket that I can easily attach at the main port under my bed. Besides the plug for the fan and the other for the computer, I connect all lamps to this multi port.

It’s the famous Adaport brand, which would cost me around fifty bucks if I am going to buy it on my own. Now that I got it for free, I do not have to worry.

Dulu takda port, now Adaport.

It’s so easy now. Still lying on the bed, I can simply move my hand onto the switch and with one click, all the lights are already turned off.

I like!!

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