fashion gala

Introducing the latest trend for the so-called kiasu very high class people.

Wearing a very expensive and uniquely (read: weirdly) cut blazer, the person must fit in an affordable laid back (read: cheap Visit Langkawi) t-shirt inside.

This stylish apparel is best worn on formal occasions such as when the model is invigilating and assessing student exams.

To add the chic of the top ensemble, one must wear maroon colored corduroy pants (read: foreign worker) which is very effective to raise eyebrows.

The blazer is suggested to be always buttoned so as to heighten the curiosity of the audience of wondering whether the t-shirt inside is a cheap Langkawi t-shirt or a Versace baby-T with a loud statement “Blonde rules” printed on it. This is most effective while invigilating students, because it would lose their concentration of doing the exam and focusing on what's inside the blazer and also the t-shirt instead. Sexy.

To complete the whole attire, the wearer should bring together a small pink tote bag, with English floral golden stitches, and have a small mini LampBerger aromatherapy oil lamp in it. While sitting down and give the student marks, the owner should show his class by gracefully lift the tote bag closely to the nose, and breath through the oil lamp while the audience indulge the moment.

Follow the fashion above carefully, and voila, you will be the next male Tyra Banks.

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