money for love?

Have you ever being blinded by love?

People who are blinded with love sometimes wouldn't listen to other people's opinion. They were being told that there could be a possibility that the affair wouldn't last but they would still go for it.

Worse still, they would hastily put investments in it, before considering the risks. Especially when it comes to buying gifts.

People would tend to do ridiculous purchasing when they are blinded by love. They have too much hots for the person that they thought would be their eternal significant other which alter their rational judgment.

Sometimes extravagant purchasing when you are fooled by love would be hidden from known by public. Or, the story how suddenly expensive stuff appear would be explained in a way so that people won't know that you have already burnt your pocket because of it.

The effects.

If the purchase was too big, it would affect the person's economic stability. The person would suddenly have burden on paying back debts, or to support his own self to live, to eat, and to pay bills.

The so-called lover will measure your proof of love and care by the material value that you can provide regularly. It would come to a time that you couldn't afford it no more.

Whence the love already ended, the person will lose not only his so-called lover, but also his huge investments.

Therefore, we must always try to tell ourselves that whenever we are blinded by love, we should try and use the walking stick gave by our friends; their subtle hint of advice.

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