another watch

Today, after I went back from my parents’ house in Ampang, I wanted to drop by at Tesco to get a slice of papaya for Hoshi.

My intent to just drop by extended into a long window-shopping at The Curve and Ikano.

I spotted this pink watch and it is very nice. I really feel that I must buy it for my youngest sister. So I bought it and put it in a pinky striped paper bag to match.

See the picture? Isn’t the watch nice?

Jin tian xia wu wo qu yijia (shang)dian.
Ini hari tengah hari saya pergi satu kedai.

Nage dian (de mingze) jiao The Curve.
Itu kedai (punya nama) panggil The Curve.

Nage shi hen da de dian.
Itu ialah sangat besar punya kedai.

Wo kan yijia shangdian de shoubiao.
Saya nampak satu kedai untuk jam tangan.

Na bian wo mai yige shoubiao.
Sana saya beli satu jam.

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Anonymous said...

so sweet =)

btw, when are the rest coming back from bkk?

i bet it's not as boring as in the woods, be glad that u are there!