cute lil' things

Last night my housemate had a choir rehearsal at our apartment, so I went out to One Utama.

I walked the whole mall, seeing a lot of stuff. I also happily bought myself one Mexican bun from Roti Boy, munching it as I walk. Even one bun seems to be luxury food for me, nowadays.

I miss eating KFC, I miss eating Ikea meatballs, I miss eating at Uncle Lim's.

So I walked for two whole hours and guess what did I buy?

A pair of blue Tollyjoy socks, fit for a newborn baby.
Am I becoming a father? Goodness no.
Am I giving these to a friend's baby shower? That was way long ago.

So what can a person like me be doing with a pair of baby socks?

I used it as a bag for my mp3 player.

Yeah. They don't sell any sachets small enough to protect my mp3 player.

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