still talking about it

Yeah, this is the picture of the cut I have at my left palm. Pretty bad, huh? Until today it's not drying up yet. No swimming for today again. Sigh.

I went up the hill where I skidded today. Well, it's my favorite entrance to the university after all. There were no signs of the accident. A few things were supposed to be on the ground, like a swimming coupon and a helmet buckle that I did not bother to pick up. Perhaps the janitor was doing her job, sweeping all tracks away.

Today I came late to the office and someone had eaten away my part from the free breakfast. Grumble.


Anonymous said...

OMG.....did you just get crucified???!!

::airswift:: said...

hahah.. i almost wanted to make that joke but i thought it was too insensitive. hik