one step towards my dream

When someone passes me a piece of the above box, folded into two sections, would that make me happy?

Indeed it would, if there is something nice in between the folds.

For my case, I recieved a parcel of my music scores from London, protected between two thick sheets of brown cardboard. I have waited since before I knew Z, and that was like two months ago.

These scores are a part of the syllabus for trumpet grade 8. I have photocopied them, and I have tried playing them for the first time. One of the scores, Tico-Tico, is really a nice catchy song.

I also have downloaded a few pieces I discovered from the internet, that I did not imagine that I could retrieve them so easily. I printed them all.

This is one more step towards improving myself in my passion of playing my trumpet.

Me so happy, having my own quality collection of trumpet scores.

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