i am like a free lancer

Today I am recruited as a temporary staff to assist the registration process of postgraduate students.

For the morning session, I was assigned to stand by at the computer terminals where these students are supposed to register their subjects online.

It was fun to teach them on how to create their own university email account, and it was a small satisfaction when they all raised their hands just to get my attention. With my charming smile and dazzling friendliness, I caught their interest. Don’t envy me because I am blonde ya, everyone.

And of course, I gave extra attention to those cute Chinese lads, most of them are from the Business Faculty. Hik.

Besides that, we also are having free breakfast and lunch for these few weeks working here. Ain’t that nice.

Right now, I am at another section for the afternoon session. My task is to be here in front of this PC, and new students would come to me for me to generate their matric number. Apart of handling a very easy task, while waiting for the number to generate, I got the chance to talk to a few interesting students.

One is a student from Aceh, and he told me that his sister and the son was swept away by the wave. The rest of the family were thankfully safe. He was in Medan at that time.

Another one is a guy from Laos, yummy, and I told him, my friend, Babi-Hu, had just flew to Bangkok and will be in Laos a few days from now for vacation. At least Babi-Hu can be a subject for me to make myself popular. Haha. Talk about taking advantage.

I am having fun today.


Anonymous said...

wah having fun ogling ah... must be fulfilling. kekeke... ask u to work but u kap cai ah. now get back to work! ok la wash eyes sometimes is allowed. lolx. r u paid to do freelancer? i guess it's free. rite ah? hehehe...

::airswift:: said...

like hello, of course la kena pay.. i want to have some pocket money too..