problems at work

Have you ever done online university subject registration? It sounds so simple right? Just go to the website, check what subjects are being offered, and then sign in your id to register your subjects.

But on the university staff side, this is a complicated process.

To begin with, there are three departments which will have to get involved.

First, the registration section, where the staff handles the payment, and teaches the students to use the computer to get registered online, and also people who generate the matric card number.

Second, would be the IT department, who will be constantly pressured by the registration section, each time the online system go crazy and got a lot of errors.

Third, is the faculty offices, and they would be chased by the registration section, when they never update the courses to be offered each semester.

And a lot of time I had to contact the people from the IT department and the faculty offices to carry out their job properly. Stupidness you know.


cibetronic said...

hmmm... no 1 chase u ah? lolx :)

::airswift:: said...

haha.. they chase me at the dance floor only..