now i can feel it already

I remembered when I was 15, I had this mysterious itch all over my body and it lasted for months. I scratched and scratched each and every day until the scratch went deep and blood came out. My friend witness me suffering it, I could not sleep well, and ended up exhausted and fall asleep lying on the table in the study room in my dorm. It came to a point that I got used to it, I can even march with my brass band in the middle of the field with mosquitos and long grass that made everyone itch, but I did not fidget a bit.

Yesterday I got this different kind of discomfort that made me difficult to go to sleep.

One day after the incident that I fell of my bike, suddenly I felt the impact of the accident.
My whole body is aching everywhere, and the stinging pain can be felt at each cut and bruise.

The ache starts from the muscle at my back between my neck and my left shoulder. It goes down to the left ribs, in front and at the back. It also goes up to my left side of my head, where I am having like a headache.

The cuts that I have, besides the left palm, is the one down at the right foot, and at the right thigh. The slight sting kept on coming all night long.

So all these were not serious but made me quite stressed out because I could not sleep well.

Thank goodness I am feeling a bit better today.

Zuo tian wan shang, wo dedao yige SMS.
Yesterday morning, I get one SMS.

Zhe ge SMS xie zhongwen. Wo bu hui kan(dong) zhongwen.
This SMS written Chinese. I tak boleh read Chinese.

Wo hui kan pinyin.
I can read pinyin.

Wo xiang na ge ren gei SMS bu dui / cuo ren le.
I think that person give SMS wrong person already.

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