starry starry nite

Z may not be a hot life guard with pecs and chest.

Z may not be the drop dead gorgeous topless model that could make me collapse to the ground.

Z is not hot stuff. Z is not perfect. But one thing for sure, Z is good stuff.

Z is the kind of person that I would prefer to be with for a very, very long time. And yeah, in fact, for the time being, Z is the one who stayed in my life for more than just a week like my other flings did.

Yesterday, I purposely made my whole day free to meet Z. I waited and I got bored. When night fell, I got really mad. He actually napped half the whole day after doing his chores.

But spending the night together was fun. That night we stared at the black sky and the red clouds. And we gazed at the stars. We saw the three stars aligned together; the Orion belt.

Perhaps I am not with a Hong Kong star. But I am with someone special, who would want to gaze at stars and chat. With me.


Perky said...

Awww... so SWEET!!!

Anonymous said...

amboi bahagia nyer somebody...i sure missed my star gazing days. ha ha ha! But why so boh liau go and look at stars? Go projek lah, better what. Ha ha ha! Semoga nyah bahagia selalu...sampai masuk hospital bahagia yer...ha ha ha!