something shocking

Life is very vulnerable.
You can lose it so easily.
But for those who always wanted to die, no matter what you say,
Life is so precious and can be changed to be better if you believe and try.
I thought my life was so bad recently with not enough money to survive, but I changed my thoughts when there was a jam at LDP highway, towards KJ. One lorry was stationary in the middle of the road, with a mutilated bike near it's front tires. And when I rode my bike pass it, there was a girl, lying down, in her pretty pink and peach dress, and it was soaked with blood below the abs. I really hope she'd made it through.
And today.
I read this entry written by this 'queen' who drove and witnessed a fresh accident.
Two school teens, cousins, were speeding on their bike, overtaking all cars recklessly.
They were hit by a car.
One of them died on the spot. The other, managed to sit down, and was taken to the hospital. He looked fine at first, but died three hours later.
Below is the link to the entry.

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