Mom always had this thing against my habit of looking up at other people's wealth and fame. Once I jokingly told her that I want to get married with a French girl (as if!!!) and she got annoyed with it.

She called me one day.

Mom: Not doing anything? I thought you are teaching trumpet to your student?

Blonde-Me: Today-lah, mak. I have already figured out the way to their house. Very huge you know.

Mom: Stop being amazed and talking big about you having a rich student.

Blonde-Me: (rolling eyes) Not only amazed, but I got scared. It's really, really huge.

Yes, the university post-graduate registration is already over and I am un-employed, except that I have my very first own private trumpet student. I should thank my friend for recommending my name, and I should buy him a cup of coffee as a treat.

How can I not be amazed by the house? Even the route to it was amazing enough.The exit from the highway lead to a winding road uphill, with wild greenery on the left and right. Colonial bungalows stood along with other newer ones, and my ten year old student lives with his mom on top of the hill.

It was a very massive mansion with intricately designed palace gates.

A huge pool was next to the house, and they have a pond in the center of the bungalow which could be seen from the entrance door. One fleet of stairs curved around the pond, and the whole house is nicely furnished with British and Asean fusion. Huge teak furniture can be seen everywhere inside the house.

My student's mom is an expatriate. They are British. The boy is so cute, and well-mannered. The mother should be proud of her son.

It went well, my very first private tutoring with a young trumpet player.

I look forward for things like this soon.

What a colorful life, I have.


lyana said...

woo hoo! cikgu umar!!! ;)

Perky said...

The kawasan around the house besar kan. Why don't you teach him formation? LOL!!! Formation and play along with Yellow Bird. HAHAHAHA!