it's not that simple

Recently a member of another school orchestra commented on my posting regarding on my review of the SBP band competition.

"If you think that other people's arrangement are so sucky, and you think you are so good, then why don't you write an orchestra piece yourself?"

Apparently I experienced something related to what he said.

I did not literally wrote a music score, but I stayed over at a friend's apartment, just to support him and give him my ideas on how to improve the score which he was assigned to do, and he was actually over the deadline.

I tried to apply the idea embedded in the scores played by some famous anime soundtracks, and also from pieces played by the good Bangkok bands in their recent Asean Band Competition.

It occurred that when my ideas were implied in the piece my friend was trying to write, the arrangement sounded really lame when it was practically test-played by the orchestra.

Despite that we stayed awake for the whole night and never slept at all.

Despite that we listened to a few good existing pieces and tried to use the idea.

Despite that my friend is a skillful music performer and he can use the composition software really well.

Despite that the finished piece is difficult, with high notes and running notes everywhere.

It takes a lot of experience, listening, exposure and observation for one to complete a splendid written music.

Now I know, huh.

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Bibik Nyonya said... sure takes a lot of balla to attempt a teaching profession; especially under such circumstances...