they need help from someone else

I was introduced by a dear friend to teach at this hostel for the pribumi kids.
Not bumiputra, but the native people here.

As I we drove towards the deeper jungle part somewhere in the city,
we passed a few colonial houses,
and a massive new yellow colored bungalow,
just before we reached the old building where the kids live in.

The people who were here are living a simple life.
They had just finished their evening praying session,
and all were clad in baju Melayu and kurung.

We were invited to have a very simple dinner,
rice and chicken and fish too.

As the secondary students were handled by a temporary replacement teacher,
I was passed to teach the primary 1,2 and 3 instead.

My, was I not ready for all of this.

They are really academically poor.

And since the primaries are just kids,
they were playing,
and screaming,
and pulling other kid's hair,
and tickling.

They need someone who is firm,
who as a very strong vision, mind and capability,
to change these children and teens,
from nothing to something,
so that they can survive in this fastest city in the country.

It reminded me of Angelina Jolie going to a third world country.

I am quitting, regardless how noble the job is.

This is not the way I am going to spend my extra time after stress at work in the daytime.
This is not the way I am going to sacrifice my movies, and hanging out with friends.
It tipped of the scale.

So if anyone is interested, to teach for 35bucks per hour, do inform me ya.

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lyana said...

i'm not that noble..though i always said that i want to do charity..i cannot go really into it. believe me i've tried---AIDs org, women against violence, reading for the blind--i'll do it for a few months, then i just don't do it anymore. bad huh? ;(