question: price of fame

As I was riding my bike on the way to a dear friend’s cosy apartment in PJ, I had this imagining of how it might be if I were full of fame. Naturally it would seem nice.

My thoughts crossed to the people that I know, so near around me, and they are blood related to famous people. One has a father who did wonders that made Malaysia proud. The other person that I know, has a son who was married with a celebrity. Apart of that, he is cute, so of course he would appear in the newspaper.

The thing is, these people are not really comfortable with the fact that they are related with a famous father or a famous son. They never talked about it until people discovered that fact themselves, and started to question them. They would try their best to deny, or to admit but cut the conversation short.

Why it goes that way? There are so many factors that could make being famous as something not really as nice as it seem to be.

Perhaps they feel that the fame of their relatives is so overpowering, it overshadows them. Like, why must you talk about my relatives instead of talking about me here?

Or perhaps they know more about their famous relative, so they do not really feel nice to talk about that, especially if they have bad experience or relationship with them.

And maybe they are bored with the same kind of conversation related to their famous relative, on and on, for years.

What is my own opinion on fame anyway?

Well, to me, I would love it if I happen to be a member of a well-known institution. Especially when I am a part of the contribution and effort toward gaining the fame and success of the institution. I will of course never be tired of talking about its success and how we went through the obstacles.

And sure I will be proud.


lyana said... ni pun dah jadik cam-whore, bila famous apatah lagi?


Bibik Nyonya said...

abenderrrrr.....ko tulis nih....

music_soul said...

not bad dh lma gle x update

::airswift:: said...

eh, i update once a while u know...