am i old?

It's like everytime I click to the "Create New Post", I will straight away click the close button or I'll just type in another url.
I just don't have anything inspiring or interesting to write!
Okay recently it was my birthday.
I did get very wonderful gifts that I would definitely cherish from everyone:
Birthday wishes; verbally or via SMS that reached to my phone.
The thoughtfulness, is so meaningful to me.
It reminds me that I do have a lot of people around me loving me as a friend.
Even those who I knew online and unexpectedly they also wished me on my birthday.
And of course the most appreciated are those recieved by people close to me.
One friend stayed up til midnight to be the first to wish.
Another friend called from a foreign country to wish.
And there are friends who wanted to spend the night with me watching movie, along with my beloved Z.
Thanks everybody.


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hmmm...kan you sentiasa berjiwa muda? ;)