scary dentist visit

There was this story told by the senior receptionist to me, about a very cute girl who is so scared to be at the dentist, she cried. She was brought by her parents there to check her loose tooth which has not fall of yet.

The nurses tried to be friendly with the child;

“Adik dah sekolah dah?”
(Are you already in school?)

The girl just started to sob as if that's the answer to the question.

All of them including the parents were puzzled and amused.

The mother said, “Dari kereta tadi dah menangis macam tu, tanya soalan apa pun dia menangis.”
(Since in the car she was crying, so throw any questions and she will still cry).

And when the girl was on the chair..

Father: Kita check gigi ya. (Let's check your teeth)

Girl: Tak apa, tak apa, adik dah berus gigi dah tadi. (It's okay never mind, I have brushed my teeth).

While the father tried to convince the girl that it's only a normal checkup,

While everybody in the room were laughing, the girl was half crying and half giggling.



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