petty petty

Sometimes I would linger online, browsing through people's personals connected indirectly to mine.
Sometimes I would see people who look so cool in their photos, especially when they are already famous. And they are also having very cool celebrities getting linked with them.

And I will end up having this inauthentic ill feeling inside.

Do I envy them?
Am I returning to the life wasting mode of “If only I am something like them”?

And at this moment I am being powerful by able to realize that this whole thing could be summarized by one adjective and one noun-


Looking back to my life, I don't need to wish being anything of the above.
I've already got a perfect life- one which always moving further and further.
I've already got great friends- of people who are up to something big in their life.

What's more important to think about is- what to do next in this huge game I call: My Life.



Vernon Kedit-Jolly said...

YOUR life is what YOU make of it.

Dreaming is fine. So is building castles in the air. But make sure you write down the blueprints and get a bloody good contractor.

::airswift:: said...

yeap. that's a very wise advice from the experienced.

which reminds me-
i am choosing to take act- today.