thought of it again

Pondering on my last post, I look back and see that I am growing up in a very supporting environment. All my close friends are having their own mission in life-

Bibik is drafting up a structure plan to direct higher level plays in the university.

Wicked Scientist is going to the path of reaching a PhD in research with genes.

Jules is doing programming to build cool systems for the government.

Catty is doing her part of nurturing kids of the next generation.

Mama Diva is having a great time looking to all the possible ways to bring up the name of the school orchestra through rigorous practice and by performing professional graded scores.

Big Boss is now playing in Thai Philharmonic Orchestra, while at the same time, furthering his masters and PhD in Performance.

I've got another friend who is a diligent lecturer, teaching the Pharmacy students in a college, always driven by the aim of excellence in terms of students as a product of the institution.

And another friend is in Bangkok, doing Masters in Biochem.

And of course there's another mate, doing masters locally, while in charge as the IT Executive of leading the IT Dept in the Engineering Faculty.

And dear dear Z is going to launch his design firm soon.

Endless list, that is.
I just couldn't list them all here.

As for me- I acknowledge myself for now gaining power to control my life, and having huge plans too. I am gonna be a pro trumpeter.

I am so excited.

*clapping hands gleefully.

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