raya 2007

On the eve of Idulfitr,
I biked to my mom’s place with my iguana in a small tank on my lap, and a huge backpack on my back.
It’s a bit of small acrobatic act on the way home.

So we went to Perak from my mom’s place-
Me, mom, all my brothers and my youngest sister-
In my mom’s old Proton car.
We were expecting to arrive on the big day itself, just before the sun comes up.

My first younger brother drove the car.
He was a bit sleepy, so he decided to pull over and took a short nap.
Short nap ended to a deep long sleep.
Everyone was asleep.
I felt frozen by the aircond and frozen in time.
Instead of going all moody and bitchy about it (furthermore my iguana tank was on my lap and iguanas can’t stand drastic temperatures)-
I chose to be responsible and took action.
I decided to wake my brother up, and have myself being behind the wheel.
So I drove that night- with my walkman phone accompanying me.

On the next morning,
I wore my double tone baby blue and pink baju Melayu, matched with baby blue songket.
The kampong was pretty much the same as last year,
but this time I had the chance to act like a civilized person.

Although I remain not wanting to stay in the kampong too long, I did not sulk.
Subconsciously I chose to live in the moment, and be with it.

I chat with my uncles, aunties- and even my cousin whom I technically didn’t talk with for years due to the filter I have created myself towards them.
One cousin that I literally never talked with since I was in my teens- approached me and we chat about my iguana and his sugar glider.

We also went to visit my uncle’s wife’s childhood house- where all her sisters are living in. The house is modest, literally half renovated and half incomplete.
They are poor people who live by the day.
With the small amount of money they earn from selling drinks and food at a small stall,
They gradually have their house improved.
Got the money- and they can continue the renovation.
No money, it’s okay, they can halt it for a while
And save for the next phase for renovation.
I am really touched and I salute them for celebrating life-
Regardless of having to go through any condition.

The eldest of the sisters is already fifty years old.
Lying quietly on the floor, she was born mentally retarded.
Before entering the kitchen and joining everyone to eat the rendang and kuehs,
I decided to do something I never done before-
I took a chance to sit quietly by this old lady.
At first I was worried if she might get scared of me-
But I just sat there quietly with her.
Seeing her with her tiny hands and feet,
And once a while a small smile shown on her face-
I experienced being in the moment,
And being at peace.

Dad arrived that afternoon,
And I planned to follow him back to KL at that night,
Yes, on the same day- the first day of raya.
Mom is so cool-
After I proved to be a good boy,
I was given the green light to follow dad home.
(After all, my iguana was being restless the whole day in a small tank.)

So I drove back with my dad’s huge car (this is his latest favorite big boy’s toy I presume)-
All the way to KL and Damansara.
Dad’s car is so cool and I am happy to be given the chance to drive it again.
Felt like a captain of a huge ship, cruising through the dark highway;
I was given the responsibility to safely bring my crew to our destination- Damansara/KL.

I’ve got the best of all parts this raya, and I am grateful for that.
I was at the kampong sufficient enough to celebrate with all my relatives,
I was being responsible to bring peace and content to my mom,
And I was allowed to go back just before I was able to get bored.
And now I am already here in my cozy apartment on the second day of raya.

Ah, life.


zacharoo! said...

Selamat hari ra-ra...

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ra-ra??? whats that?