something about idul fitr

Happy Aidilfitri to everyone.

I have something I find quite interesting here.
Ever wondered what Aidilfitri means?

"Fitri" or "Fitr" comes from the word "Fitrah".
"Aidil" or "Idul" means celebration day.
Hence, celebration day of fitrah.

For a person, exist therein two elements referring to the soul.
Fitrah, or good instinct, is one of them.
Nafsu, or lust, is the partner.

During the fasting month, the lust is trained so as for the human to practice controlling it. This is by the discipline of restricting consumption of food, having sexual intimacy, and a few routines- they are only allowed to be done after dusk and before dawn.

After a month, with the human’s determination and discipline- the lust has been “cleansed” and the inner good instinct- fitrah, reappeared.

Can’t we just pray to God to erase lust completely from ourselves?
After all lust is the cause of people wanting to do bad things, like stealing, lying, gossiping, even rape and murder.

Asking to erase lust is like asking God to take away our completely our enjoyment and fulfilling in this world.

Ever tasted the bitterness of food when we get a very bad fever?
Ever lose the mood to watch a very good art performance when we get worried over something serious that happened before that?

That is just a tiny example in life-
Imagine if the capability of tasting life’s enjoyment being taken away completely from us.

It’s not the matter of erasing it- it’s the matter of how we control it, with our good instinct, fitrah, and with our brains to think, the “akal”.

Again, happy Idulfitr everyone.

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