Mom sent me a phone text, informing that there will be another demonstration in Kuala Lumpur this Sunday morning at nine, and I am advised to stay at home in Damansara. I went to the net and found shocking articles, and videos even to strengthen the validity of the issue.

One video shows a Hindu temple was freshly being half-demolished, the statues still intact. The worshipers, a hundred or two of them, tried to protect it, and there were this armed uniform team trying to disperse them away. It got ugly and a few of the Indians were injured. One got a ugly bloody cut on the head.

So. Is this really happening in the country? I totally disagree with what has been done to the temple. To me it's rude, uncivilized and unethical. No way should a holy place being torn down without proper replacement and approval by the devotees.

Of course I am not a part of the authorities who destroyed the temple, but I could see that there were Malays there involved- and as a Moslem I am ashamed.

I can choose to give up feeling disgraced when I go to work on Monday, but I still owe an apology to my Indian colleague. He is a great Hindu worshiper- he sees beyond the common view and could see what his belief has to offer to him- and I really respect him because of that.

So tomorrow people are planning to have a peaceful demonstration.
Hopefully it will remain peaceful and good results will come out of it.

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Mlle Linie said...

agreed, destroying temples is cruel and unfair. even prophet muhd saw don't demolish prayer places unless those are of enemies (declared and warred against). i dont recall any demolitions in medina after the Aqabah pact was made.