i am triggered but i can be at peace

Why is it that sometimes I get upset with people around me and I get stuck in it?
I discovered that when I am upset, I dwell in it,
And I totally had forgotten to refer to my Charter of Life.

Perhaps the little voice at the back of my head refuses to have me get aligned with my charter. This is what the diva bitch in me might say to myself-

“Why do I need to give in to people, give up my opinions,
And just agree blindly with what people think or say? That’s not fair, and I will be a total idiot. People are rude, and should be slapped on the face for what they have said to me”.

Ah, little voice, SHUT UP already.
We are humans who tend to make meanings out of things instead of seeing what works.

My Charter of Life won’t make me be an idiot. It won’t make me someone who doesn’t hold on to my principle.

Giving in to people,
Choose them unconditionally for what they are- the nice part and the bitch part,
And stop a while to see what they feel, and what they have to say,
All these will make me act with my brain, not through emotions.

If I don’t agree with a person,
It doesn’t mean I have to see the other person as a bad person.
It doesn’t mean that person hates me or wants to bring me down.
It doesn’t mean that my own self or that person is wrong.
Just stop and see which opinion and which idea works.
Take the content, without creating any meaning out of it.

All in all, it finally ends to one conclusion.
It might be trivial, and it doesn’t mean anything.

And if I slip again into another upset-
It’s okay, I am human, and there’s a chance for me to practice giving it up.

I give up the trivial stuff-
See what works,
And see beyond it- the word LOVE.
Loving people around me for what they are, and what they are not.

I am powerful.

Yeah I might hear some sniggers- but to me, they ain’t mean anything. :)

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