happy (super belated) anniversary

Finally it’s our first year.

Thank you dear dear Z for being with me, through my nonsense and petty.

Thank you for standing on giving continuous life to my passion- in playing my trumpet, no matter how hard the wind trying to blow off the flame sometimes.

Thank you for giving me a space to vent out even my darkest thoughts- that others might fear to listen to.

Thank you for pampering me through a lot of ways- your phone calls, your visits, and the way you look at me.

You make it worthwhile.

Oh by the way, I bought this original Fossil wallet for dear dear Z. Of course the price is ratus-ratus. Beside it is my new fake Timberland- I bought for ten ringgit only. I think both wallets look nice.


ZEYN said...


happy 1st anniversary to you and your dear dear Z.

::airswift:: said...

thanks zeyn.
that's nice of you.