the medical college- interesting!

This is a half side of a pelvic bone. It’s a real piece of bone, and as you can see, there are small natural holes around it. Holding this real thing, I was thinking about how it used to be a part of a woman, who once born in this world, could communicate with us like other human being, and finally left this world, leaving a piece of pelvic bone behind.

Some say that your heart is as huge as your fist.
If this is true, then this model of the heart is the right size to picture my strong heart pumping inside. Talking about having a strong heart- I think I should rigorously go back to my swimming and work out routine after being sick for quite sometime already.

For practical lessons, students in the health industry have to use dummies as for them to apply their practical techniques before using them to real patients. Some dolls are really freaky looking. I was quite cautious when I was standing close to this doll, afraid that it might jump out of bed alive. Scary!

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