let's go green

Inspired by Joery's blog, I decided to make balcony go green again.

I used to have an assam jawa bonsai (that I planted from seed) but it died because I keep on forgetting to water my plants.

Then there is my jasmine three, which survived my negligence, and now starting to grow shoots...

And then there is this special tiny bonsai tree that Bibik gave me for my graduation. Such a nice gift! This miniature prefers to stay indoors most of the time because the leaves will turn yellow and fall if it keeps on being exposed to the hot sun.

And I've bought two more bonsai trees, from Ikea, when suddenly they just pop out for the coming Chinese New Year.

Very nice!

Looks like ginseng plant.

So these are the four bonsai living happily in my house :P

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