I had a good swim in the Sunday afternoon and decided to go and take a walk at Petaling Street. It seem that today there were no pirated CDs anymore to be seen, and the fake bags were so fake, you won’t be interested to buy them. However the jeans were nice. You can get one rugged pair of jeans for about forty bucks. There were jeans sold at 29.90 too, but they are a bit on the plain side.

Anyway as I walk back to my bike, I feel so at peace looking and listening to the surroundings of China Town that afternoon.

When you appreciate the difference of people with respect and sincerity, you’ll find peace. Judging is actually the job of God, and err.. yeah, the judge. We won’t be doing much good when we judge. By giving up judging, it doesn't mean we have to agree. It doesn't mean we have to condone. It doesn't mean we have to be the same as everyone else. It only means that we see people through unconditional love. In the name of humanity.

Back to the walking around China Town-

Distant sound of church bells.

A CD shop playing Chinese orchestra.

People of all sort of races; including the Caucassian tourists.

And the view of an Indian temple, standing strong for years. Took out my phone and took a snap.

Whoops~ the car behind me honked. Time to move!

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