how did you spend your weekend?

Fever attacked me again on Saturday morning. Mom speculates that my tonsil is starting to become sensitive again, just like when I was young. Now I am literally allergic to spicey food and icey drinks.

But I managed to force myself out of bed, and go straight to Istana Budaya to meet my guru for my trumpet lesson. I am still poor in a lot of stuff, especially my low G#.

Personal note for me, as what have been told by my tutor:

a)Start by blowing low G# WITHOUT tongue, until I get a solid sound

b)Do not force myself to flatten the G# to the correct pitch- get the tone first

c)Get all notes connected, it’s the same method either playing songs or technical practices

d)Stop the bad habit of “mini-diminuendo” at the end of crescendo- maintain the forte until the end

e)Follow the tempo while breathing in before playing

f)Practice more songs! Put aside the grade eight pieces first, and start with the fundamentals.

After my lesson session ended, there was the IB Youth Orchestra rehearsal happening outside the door, at the concourse.

Conductor :: Your student?

Tutor :: Yes. He’s interested in joining. Is it possible?

Conductor :: We can arrange an audition for him. (Looking at me) Come, sit down and try the songs.

So there was I, sitting down, struggling with the Overture 1812 being thrown at me, sitting with kids obviously younger and more talented than me (they have at least grade 7 ABRSM).

But I had my fun dwelling with the inferiority for a while.
Continuing myself being that won’t help to go towards the possibility of being a world class trumpet and orchestra performer.
I’ll do my best to qualify for the audition- but if I fail, it sucks, but I’m not going to stop just here.

Mr. Koh is my inspiration. Given that he went through a lot of challenges, frustrations, outcomes that didn't meet his expections, and being laughed at by people around him, he NEVER stops.

And it’s worth it.

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