the unfinished work drives the mind to keep on being alive

I am here in the office and it’s raining heavily outside.

My colleague left the office earlier; he must be on the highway now towards the main campus to fetch his wife.

Anyway. It would have been better if it’s sunny outside and I can go back earlier and take a nap, but that is not the case. So I am going to write another journal of my life while waiting for the rain to stop.

Regardless that I am feeling a little bit sleepy (I am trying to get used to waking up at five everyday), it’s such a fine day today.

In the morning, I woke up and practiced my trumpet. I was pleasantly surprised that one of the songs that I thought was difficult to play, was quite easy once I get the hang of it. The title is “Tambourine”, composed by Adolf Hasse, rearranged for trumpet and piano by Robin de Smet. With constant practice, this will definitely be in my collection of the pieces that I can use to perform.

At work, didn’t choose to go far during lunch hour (normally it would be road tax renewal, or shopping at MegaMall, etc). I was maintaining all 25 computers with my colleague at the medical lab, no rush, just being in my work without stress.

But the nicest thing was the conversation between me and one of the medical lecturer who has his own idea on how the lab should be- utilizing the technology to the maximum, to have it at par with the latest environment internationally. Things like three dimentional graphics of specimen, virtual anatomy, and robotic surgery was discussed.

The thing that I like about this lecturer is that he believes and looks into possibilities. By that, in his life he keeps moving on.

Another view that he has is that when we look forward into what we really want to do in life, and direct ourselves to that aim, we can learn on how to give up the significance of the weight of the things that we have to go through first before reaching there. Because in fact when we see clearly what we want in life- we are actually already there.

I shared my possibility of being a professional trumpet player and that opened up many things. He requested me to give my whole complete vitae to him- what I have achieved, what is my passion, and what I want in life. He has contacts, and I am not going to stop trying to expand myself.

What I feel now is a sense of confidence, being brave and a stand with my passion in life, and feeling free to have the world know what I am up to.

A lot of further possibilities would come to me if I just continue being in action.

By the way, the title above in green, is profoundly said by the medical professor.
Yeah. I am not done yet...

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